Accreditation for the FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX OF RUSSIA 2015 continues

Accreditation for the FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX OF RUSSIA 2015 continues: Photo

Accreditation of journalists at the Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix will last until September 1. Don't miss the opportunity to be in the epicenter of the main motorsport event of the year!

​At Sochi Autodrom, accredited journalists will find a spacious and comfortable press center located on the second floor of the pit building, overlooking the start/finish line and broadband Internet access.

The press center is equipped with technical monitors that allow you to follow all the events of the races live. Journalists will have access to a television broadcast, the timing of the race and a judge's monitor with announcements from the marshals' posts.

Photographers in the press center will be provided with technical support, within which specialists will help to set up the equipment, as well as, if necessary, clean lenses and lenses with the help of professional optics care products.

Each accredited journalist will be able to visit the paddock, where riders and team personnel will be located during the competition, and take an exclusive comment or interview with representatives of the participants, as well as get the latest first-hand information, including press releases and the schedule of group interviews.

Accredited journalists will have access to all entertainment events on the territory of the Olympic Park and the opportunity to cover all the events planned during the days of the «royal races».

On all days of the competition, a separate cafeteria with snacks and soft drinks, as well as fresh coffee and hot tea will be open for media employees. The organizers of the Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix also provide preferential accommodation for journalists in a hotel within walking distance from Sochi Autodrom and shuttles to the track.

To apply for accreditation for the Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix, it is necessary to prepare documents according to the recommendations that you will find in a special section of the website.

The final decision on accreditation is made by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) after consideration of the application.

After September 1, 2015, applications for accreditation will not be accepted.

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