Electric car rental in Imereti Bay

Electric car rental in Imereti Bay: Photo

In Imereti Bay (Sochi), it is planned to organize a route electric taxi, an electric car rental network and an appropriate infrastructure for recharging cars. Negotiations on this have begun between Omega Center OJSC and Ecomotors Group of companies within the framework of the Krasnodar Spring Forum «Energy Efficiency and Innovation».

If agreements are reached, Ecomotors plans to deliver 40-42 electric vehicles (VOLTECO golf carts) to the territory of Imereti Bay by July this year and install about 5 charging stations there, said Alexey Mikheev, Sales Director of Ecomotors Group.

The amount of investment required to supply so many cars and charging stations is $1 million. The company expects to find partners who will co-invest in the purchase of cars for delivery to Sochi. According to Mikheev, the investment will easily pay off in the first season (2.5 months). «If agreements are reached, we plan to provide golf carts, such as, for example, VOLTECO GF4 business class or Italian electric vehicles ESTRIMA BIRO, as well as open electric buses VOLTECO TURO T14 NEW the entire coastal cluster», - said Mikheev.

Renting one golf cart for tourists, according to Mikheev's calculations, will cost about 1-1.5 thousand rubles per hour or about 5-7 thousand rubles. per day. «So far, we are just presenting intentions, because only the installation negotiations have taken place. Within their framework, we provided the Omega Center company with one ESTRIMA BIRO electric car as a sample,» the agency interlocutor said.

Dmitry Anfinogenov, the head of the number fund of Omega Center OJSC, told RBC-Kuban news agency that negotiations with Ecomotors are part of a large-scale phased program for equipping the coastal cluster with electric transport. Within its framework, it is planned to organize a network of gas stations and a «minibus taxi» on the territory of Imereti Bay, as well as electric car rental on the principle of carsharing. It assumes the possibility to return the rented car to any of the service points, and not only to the one where it was rented.

«Among the priorities is the use of ecological transport. We want to preserve the air and ecology of the Imereti Bay in general, and the city-hotel «Barkhatnye sezony», in particular, in the form in which they are now. Therefore, electric cars are the ideal way out of the situation,» Dmitry Anfinogenov said.

«The Omega Center is ready to act as a co-organizer of the project and provide Ecomotors with a base for its placement. «In the future, we see them as operators of the created network,» the Omega Center commented.

Also during the forum, Ecomotors and Volteco companies had potential partners who wanted to open a representative office in one of the resort cities of the Krasnodar Territory.

Recall that within the framework of the above forum, the Vice-governor of Krasnodar Krai Vadim Lukoyanov noted that it is planned to expand the use of electric transport in resort towns in the region. At the same time, there are already examples of active use of electric transport in coastal cities in the region. So, the authorities of Gelendzhik have been using it for 2 years in public services, for patrolling the embankment, etc. Also, the resort administration is negotiating the opening of an electric car dealership and is preparing a number of preferences for electric vehicles (limiting the movement of gasoline vehicles in the central part of the resort in favor of electric vehicles, the formation of land plots for charging stations).

Omega Center OJSC is 100% owned by the Krasnodar Territory. The company has successfully implemented projects to create a number of Olympic facilities, for which the region is directly responsible. Thus, the Omega Center is the owner of the Adler-Arena International multifunctional Center, the Main Media Center, the Tulip Inn Omega Sochi Hotel, an apartment complex with a total number of rooms of 9000 rooms, as well as a complex of administrative buildings on the territory of the Olympic Park.

Ecomotors Group has been engaged in the production and sale of electric vehicles and alternative energy products since 2007. The company has a wide branch network in Russia, as well as branches and foreign representative offices in 5 countries: Ukraine, Czech Republic, China, USA, Kazakhstan. It is planned to open representative offices in France, Spain, Belarus, Azerbaijan, and Latin American countries.

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