Children's rugby competitions

On October 10, the matches of the first game day of the All-Russian rugby competition «Sokolov Cup» were held in Sochi on the sports grounds of the city-hotel «Barkhatnye sezony».

Recall that the tournament is dedicated to the memory of Alexey Sokolov, a businessman, philanthropist who did a lot for the development of children's rugby in Russia. The organizer of the competition is the National Charitable Foundation for the Development of Children's Rugby under the auspices of the Rugby Federation of Russia.

On the first game day, the matches of the group stages in the tournament of boys born in 2007 and 2008 were held. In both age categories, the teams were divided into 8 groups of 3 teams each, with the exception of group E in the tournament of teams born in 2008. There were only two teams here – «Dolgoprudny Falcons» (Dolgoprudny) and «Victoria» (Naberezhnye Chelny). It is worth adding that in these age categories, teams play across the field in the format of two halves of 7 minutes. Each team has 8 players on the field.

The opening ceremony was attended by the director of the National Charitable Foundation for the Development of Children's Rugby Vladimir Ustinov, Alexey Sokolov's nephew Arkady Sokolov and the Manager of the city-hotel «Barkhatnye sezony» Egor Gruzinov.

- Dear guys, I am very glad to welcome you to our tournament, - said Arkady Sokolov. – Back in his student years, Alexey Arkadyevich started playing rugby and throughout his life he warmly treated this game. This man has achieved great success in the field of business, I think it was largely due to the qualities he acquired in rugby. Through this tournament, he wanted to convey to you his love for this game and show you how wonderful it is. Another very important point is the ability to work in a team. Without this, you will not do a single big thing in your life, and rugby is a team game that helps you not only achieve athletic results, but also gives you the qualities that will help you in your future life.

- I look at you, my soul rejoices, I regret only one thing – when I was at your age, unfortunately, I did not play rugby, – said Egor Gruzinov. – I want to wish you a good tournament and winning games, always work on yourself and improve.

Following the results of the first game day, 16 teams of each age continued the fight for the main trophy – they made up quarterfinal pairs. The teams that took third places in their groups at the preliminary stage will continue to fight for places from 17 to 24.

Press Service of the Russian Rugby Federation