Become a part of the Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix! Sochi Autodrom continues to recruit volunteers

Become a part of the Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix! Sochi Autodrom continues to recruit volunteers: Photo

The Russian Grand Prix is two and a half months away, and preparations for the main motorsport event of the year are in full swing.

The Formula 1 season is just approaching the equator, but preparations for the Russian stage, which will take place from October 8 to 11, 2015, are already in full swing at the Sochi Autodrom. Back in June, the organizers of the race began recruiting volunteers. A lot of applications have already been received, including from those who volunteered at the Russian Grand Prix last year.

The application process will last until August 10, but in the meantime, experienced volunteers have already shared their feelings from last year's race, told what it means to be part of the Russian Grand Prix and what is the role of a volunteer of the royal races.

«A volunteer is the face of the event. Whether the event will be successful or not depends on the quality of the volunteer's work. It is necessary to treat each guest kindly, always be ready to help. It is very important to perform their functions in good faith. And, of course, a good volunteer is an informed volunteer!», — Olesya.

«Responsibility, concentration and willingness to solve the most difficult tasks quickly and without the right to make mistakes — that's what it means to be a volunteer. It's a challenge. For the first time in 5 years I didn't see the race at all — but I saw the President and shook his hand... For me, it was the brightest moment of work at the 2014 Russian Grand Prix,» Grigory.

«The most pleasant memory is when I «passed the post" and calmly watched the Grand Prix, sitting not far from Bernie Ecclestone and Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. And a bike ride on the track after the race!», — Alexander.

«Volunteers are able to do everything and can do everything. We met guests at the airport and in parking lots, worked with fans in the Olympic Park, helped with navigation and seating of spectators, interacted with the press, worked with VIP guests. I've been waiting for the opportunity to go to the Grand Prix for more than 10 years, since I started following Formula 1. And here I am in the Olympic Park, where Russia held the incredible Olympic and Paralympic Games six months ago, I am here, I am helping to organize the first Russian Grand Prix... Isn't this a fairy tale?», — Grigory.

«I want to become a volunteer, because this is life, this is movement. This is dedication. These are new emotions, new friends and adventures. I love working, I love the feeling when the quality and success of an event depends on you. Volunteering is cool!», — Olesya.

Applications for participation will be accepted until August 10, and the final list of volunteers will be formed by August 20, 2015. At the beginning of October, each volunteer will receive a set of unique branded clothing with the Sochi Autodrom brand, and a few days before the event, practical training will take place.

Don't miss your chance to be a part of the most anticipated motorsport event of the year!

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