«Dancing minus» will «light up» the Olympic Park on June 27

«Dancing minus» will «light up» the Olympic Park on June 27: Photo

A regular participant of the festival «Invasion», the group «Dancing Minus» will perform on the stage of the Olympic Park on Saturday, June 27.

The founder and leader of the group «Dancing Minus» - the cult character Slava Petkun - remains one of the brightest and non-standard figures of the domestic musical space. A master of shocking, an artistic cynic, a «walking scandal», as journalists call him, Petkun always manages to remain himself: on stage, in a musical or as a host of a television talk show.

Petkun and his band are not one of those collectives who artificially inflate the hype around themselves: no TV shows from the category of «Stars dance and sing». This approach justifies itself, because fans love Dancing Minus», first of all, precisely for creativity, old and new: for their favorite melodies, for those songs that are forever imprinted in the memory of residents of the two capitals, for some kind of charisma that their followers or imitators do not have. In his trademark manner, combining metered scandalousness, charm and «don't care», Petkun sensationally easily and quickly took the first places in the charts and a very noticeable niche in show business. On the account of Dancing Minus» – five albums, 11 clips, as well as a huge number of rumors, myths and legends accompanying every step of Petkun.

Petkun constantly and successfully tries himself in new and new roles: an actor, an art director, or, for example, a sports commentator on TV and radio. His speeches in specialized publications and TV programs with devastating and at the same time deeply competent criticism of the game of the Russian national football team have long been a «byword».

At the same time, Petkun does not forget about his musical hypostasis: without exception, all the hits of the group confidently storm the music charts and the Internet space, and on account of Dancing Minus» successful albums, clips and full halls from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

We are waiting for you on the central square of the Olympic Park on June 27 at 19.00!

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