The gym is open in the Adler Arena

The gym is open in the Adler Arena: Photo
The Adler Arena Olympic Palace, which hosted skaters from all over the world during the Sochi Games, has opened a gym for everyone. During the Olympics, skaters maintained their athletic form here.

The gym has a full range of fitness equipment for strength and cardio training. Horizontal bars, fitness mats and dumbbells are concentrated in the warm-up area. The gym has equipment for working out muscles, legs, chest, arms, Smith's car, as well as bicycles. Separately, you can note the dumbbell row and the gok machine.

The gym offers a new type of fitness workout for fast weight loss - cycling. Cycling is a training that is carried out indoors on stationary bicycles. In this lesson, you will be able to feel like one of the participants of a mass bike race in different modes, it can be mountains, highways, sand, rough terrain, and so on. The training takes place in a very dynamic rhythm under the guidance of an instructor and under the cheerful incendiary music. Each lesson lasts from 45 to 60 minutes, and they are completely different from each other and have a different orientation: strength, speed, endurance training. Therefore, cycling is not just pedaling, but an exciting and very effective direction in fitness, which helps to achieve the figure of your dreams and a great mood. The recording in the skycling groups has already begun.

Comfortable locker rooms and showers are made for comfortable classes in the Adler Arena. Free parking is available nearby.

Adler-Arena with a capacity of 8000 spectators is located in the Olympic Park in Sochi. After the end of the Olympic Games, the site of the Adler Arena KCC is actively used for sports and cultural events. In April 2014, the arena hosted an international sports event – the match of the Tennis Federation Cup among the women's teams of Russia and Argentina, in which our athletes won a confident victory.