NAO «Omega Center» reported on the difficulties of cooperation with ANO «Planet of Champions»

NAO «Omega Center» reported on the difficulties of cooperation with ANO «Planet of Champions»: Photo
The company NAO «Omega Center» has provided important information for its partners regarding cooperation with the Autonomous Non-profit Organization for the Promotion of youth and amateur sports events «Planet of Champions».

The sole founder of the NAO "Omega Center» is the subject of the Russian Federation Krasnodar Territory, in connection with which the company always follows the high quality standards of the services provided.
In 2016, a number of agreements were signed between the NAO «Omega Center» and the ANO «Planet of Champions», including for the provision of hotel services and a cooperation agreement.
At the moment, ANO «Planet of Champions» does not fulfill partner obligations related, among other things, to the use of sports facilities located on the territory of the «Barkhatnye sezony» Hotel, owned by the NAO «Omega Center».

To date, ANO «Planet of Champions» has not repaid overdue debts to the company in an amount exceeding 100 million rubles.
In this connection, the NAO «Omega Center», highly appreciating the cooperation with its partners – travel operators and agencies, draws attention to the difficulties encountered in interacting with the specified counterparty and asks to take this fact into account when booking a set of services through the ANO «Planet of Champions», including services for booking sports facilities on the territory of the hotel «Barkhatnye sezony».