Olympic champion Yulia Barsukova's Gymnastics Center opened in Sochi

Olympic champion Yulia Barsukova
The gymnastics center of Olympic champion Yulia Barsukova has opened in the Olympic Palace «Adler-Arena» in Sochi.

The Gymnastics Center of Olympic champion Yulia Barsukova was founded in 2010 in Moscow. In September 2012, rhythmic gymnastics departments opened in St. Petersburg, in September 2013 - in Kazan and in 2015 in the Olympic capital of Sochi.

Trainings at the Center are very similar to those that a budget sports school can offer, but organizationally there is much more freedom in the Center. Dance and acting lessons were added to the classical gymnastics and sports acrobatics lessons. Professional jugglers are invited to master classes for children, uniforms and sports diaries are made for marks, pleasant gifts are given after the competition, master classes with Olympic champions and honored coaches of Russia are organized.

Yulia Barsukova personally oversees Gymnastics Centers in all four cities, personally conducts master classes and takes part in coaching, as she does not want to «miss» any talented child. The best girls have the opportunity to study for free, and in the future to study at the school of the Olympic Reserve No. 1 in Moscow, where Yulia Barsukova heads the department of rhythmic gymnastics.

At the moment, 160 athletes have already started training at the Gymnastics Center in Sochi, mostly children from 3 to 6 years old, whose whole sports life is just beginning. At the moment, the recruitment of girls and boys from 3 to 6 years old in primary education groups is continuing, not only in gymnastics, but also in sports acrobatics. In the summer of 2016, the Center organized sports camps for all interested students of sports schools, where the teachers were the stars of rhythmic gymnastics led by the Honored coach of Russia, coach of the winning teams of two Olympiads Valentina Ivanitskaya.

«The task of the Center is to educate a new generation of young, healthy and successful children, and our task is to give a new direction to the development of the Olympic facility, where 12 sets of medals were played and 7 Olympic records were set during the XXII Olympic Winter Games,» said Valery Danchenko, General Director of the Omega Center.

Adler Arena with a capacity of 8000 spectators is located in the Imereti lowland on a flat area between the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea coast with magnificent panoramic views of the mountains and the sea. The main volume (with an area of 20,300 sq. m.) is occupied by a sports hall with a central arena and bleachers.

At the end of the Olympic Games, the site of the KCC «Adler-Arena» is actively used for sports and cultural events. In April 2014, the arena hosted an international sports event – the match of the Tennis Federation Cup among the women's teams of Russia and Argentina, in which our athletes won a confident victory.

NAO «Omega Center» is one of the largest companies in the Krasnodar Territory, which has built and successfully operates Olympic facilities.