Time to fly!

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From September 17 to 19, 2015, the first base jumping festival «Skypark BASE days» will be held in the adventure park at the height of «Skypark AJ Hackett Sochi» with the support of the NGO «Federation of Parachuting and Aviation Sports of the Rostov region».

Skybridge is the only bridge in Russia, thanks to its height (207 m.) and safe landing sites on the river bank, it allows you to make such base jumps. It is not surprising that parachutists have been waiting for an official festival on this bridge since its construction.

The festival program includes single, group and acrobatic jumps, demonstration jumps for landing accuracy, a round table on the history and development of base jumping in the world. 30 experienced base jumpers from all over the country will come to the event. Everyone will be able to see exciting stunts and communicate with experienced athletes. The entrance to the park will be carried out as usual, including all the attractions of the Skypark.

The organizing committee of the festival consists of 3 experienced base jumpers with a lot of jumping experience (7 years in sports, more than 1000 jumps each). Strict requirements will be imposed on each base jumper. Only athletes with extensive experience in parachuting and base jumping will be allowed to jump.

The objectives of the festival: popularization and formation of a positive image of base jumping and an active lifestyle, promotion of the city of Sochi as a platform for new actively developing sports, attracting the attention of the general population.

The audience of the Skypark BASE days festival is also waiting for other activities, an outdoor barbecue area and live music.

Base jumping in Russia is only developing – we hope that the Skypark BASE days festival will become an annual event and will serve to promote this spectacular and exciting sport.

The responsible person from the Organizing Committee of the festival is Nikolay Voropaev (tel: +7 965 469 89 97 ), you can send the completed accreditation form to the following contacts: Daria Krivoguzova, tel.: +7 965 469 89 97, daria.krivoguzova@ajhackett.com

For reference:

Skypark AJ Hackett Sochi is a joint project with the New Zealand company AJ Hackett International – the founder of bungee jumping.

The SKYPARK is located on the territory of the Sochi National Park in a picturesque place of the Akhshtyr Gorge, a 20-minute drive from the Airport.

The SKYPARK will become the largest facility not only for the AJ Hackett company, but also for the entire bungee jumping industry. The Skypark AJ Hackett Sochi brand will bring together the most unique attractions and objects worthy of the Guinness Book of Records.

The central place in the park is occupied by the SkybRidge Bridge - the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world - its length is 439 m. This unique structure stretches over the Mzymta River at an altitude of 207m. On the bridge there are viewing platforms with panoramic views of the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea coast. Special platforms at the beginning and middle of the bridge have been constructed for A.J. Hackett rides. One of the highest bungee in the world is BUNGY 207m, BUNGY 69m., the highest swing Isochiswing – 170 m. and the fastest troll – MegaTroll - with speeds up to 120 km/h.

In addition to attractions from A. J. Hackett, all visitors to the Skypark are offered entertainment in the rope park «Mowgli», adventure routes in the company of professional guides with via ferrata and canyoning and a Bungee bar with a wide range of dishes.

In the near future, an interactive bungee jumping museum, a 1200 sq.m. outdoor climbing wall, a restaurant and an amphitheater on the edge of the gorge will also open on the territory of the park.

The Skypark attractions will be serviced under the supervision of foreign certified specialists of the AJ Hackett company, who will also conduct regular training for Russian instructors. At all A. J. Hackett facilities, it is mandatory to record each jump and the weight of the attraction participant.

To date, the Skybridge Bridge, BUNGY 69, BUNGY 207 m, SochiSwing and MegaTroll are fully ready and tested. All other attractions and activities of the park will be launched as soon as they are ready and complete the testing procedure.

All detailed information is on the official website www.ajhackett.com